Barrett McNagny Website

I was primarily responsible for the front-end design of the site and worked with the team at Boyden & Youngblutt and a development vendor to ensure we were reaching the goals and targets that were created at the onset of the project. For this project, I designed the home page and an internal page that the development team would then extend to the rest of the site.

B&Y Team:
Bartholomew Fish – Designer/Digital Strategist
Gavin Saxer – Social Media Specialist

Barrett McNagny – Molly Rommel


While at Boyden & Youngblutt, I worked alongside Senior Art Director Todd Lemley, on a rebrand of Fort Wayne based law firm Barrett McNagny. We concepted separately, but elements from both of our designs were chosen. I advocated for getting rid of the ampersand in their old branding, and in many of my concepts I introduced an icon with the “B” and “M” interlocking. Barrett McNagny wanted to not only update their mark, but also modernize it and differentiate themselves from their competitors.