E3 Onboarding Kit

One of the first projects* I had the pleasure of working on when I started at Element Three, was this employee onboarding kit. We wanted new E3ers to not only feel excited about their new job, but also to quickly get up to speed on our core values, the lay of the land, and make them feel like part of the team. While I owned the art direction of the project, there were a number of talented people that contributed.

These were some of the goals of the project:

– Communicate E3’s ABESTCO values to new hires

– Make new hires feel welcome and part of the team

– Expedite the onboarding process – checklists to help guide new hires

– With those guardrails in place, we set out to make something both cool and useful.

E3 Team:
Darren Halbig – Creative Director
Bartholomew Fish – Art Director
Tom Aschauer – Copywriter
Bob Ewing – Designer
Karen Seketa – Vice President of Talent

*This project recently won a Gold Addy for the Self Promotion category.