The GO campaign was created to inspire people to get going on the path to better health. The micro-site was intended to provide information about the GO Challenge, and how to get involved.

I was primarily responsible for the front end design of the site and worked with the team at Boyden & Youngblutt to iterate and ensure we were reaching the goals and targets that were created at the onset of the project.

B&Y Team:
Ian Mosher – Creative Director
Bartholomew Fish – Designer/Digital Strategist
Danee Pye – Digital Strategist/Copywriter
Gavin Saxer – Social Media Specialist
Kathy Bock – Copywriter


Parkview Hospital

Go Challenge Sign-Up

One of the main objectives of the micro-site was to get users to sign up for a monthly email challenge to help them get on a path to better health. Every month a topic was chosen, and four emails were sent throughout the month along with an infographic that corresponded with the topic. We also built the sign up page in a way that we could easily make changes to run contests and giveaways as well.

Integrated Pinterest Feed

One of the challenges the team faced was the integration of Pinterest feeds into the site for the four main categories, mind, body, spirit, and community. The integration’s objective was to allow Parkview an easy way to refresh social content on the micro-site while also growing their audience on Pinterest. The final solution allowed Parkview users to simply update boards on their company Pinterest account, and the micro-site’s feeds would automatically update to reflect the updates.

Go Learn

In addition to the Pinterest feeds, Parkview wanted a blog solution where they could add relevant content to each month’s challenge. The “Go Learn” solution also provided landing pages that we could drive traffic to using paid social media advertising.


ParkviewGO Infographics

Each month we created infographics based on the challenge, and utilized illustrations from them to integrate into the Go Challenge emails. The infographics were also shared on Pinterest and served as a visual way to engage users in information on how to make a healthy change. I was responsible for the design and illustration of each infographic and worked with copywriter Kathy Bock to craft each one.