Wiser: Design Exercise

Wiser Design Exercise

This project’s goal was to re-design Wiser’s homepage, and identify opportunities for improvement. Here are some notes:

  • The video is a bit hidden in the current design.
  • CTA (Call to Action i.e. “Schedule a Demo”) buttons are styled inconsistently and don’t seem to match brand.
  • “Get Wiser.” CTA copy has a double meaning.
  • Icons simplify complex messaging, subtle animations serve to delight and engage users (see GIFs).
  • Additional CTAs provide entry points into content and funnel interested parties.
  • Client section combines business growth numbers along with client testimonials. Each logo square is clickable and expands in a similar fashion to the Desigual example.

  • Updated copy to increase conversions and brought in a photo of people to make the brand feel approachable.

  • Updated footer to match brand aesthetic.


Click to see animation.